Best Cupcake Flavors To Suit Your Taste In South Florida

Cup cakes have found favor with so many tongues. They are among the most popular baked goods for several reasons. One they are rather easy to make as well as decorate. Secondly, they are small enough to throw into your purse and head off to that party or to the office without carrying extra baggage. The third reason why cupcakes are so popular is because you can experiments with thousands of flavors.

Most Popular Cupcake Flavors In Miami

Who does not love chocolate cupcakes? All you need to do is add some chocolate to your recipe and you will have yourself a delightful cake to munch upon. The best part of it is that you can combine several flavors as you please to come up with a desired taste. There are all sorts of flavors ranging from the classic vanilla, strawberry and chocolate flavors to the more sophisticated and funky tastes such as coffee, apple and lemon. Do you think lemon and apple would taste great together? You can always try and see.

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Some Sweet Dessert Memories

Cuppycake Memories

One of my favorite memories I remember as a child was baking delicious desserts in the kitchen with my momma. I loved the cakes we made together, and the richer the dessert, the more I loved it. My favorite cake as a child was the Coca-Cola Cake, and it remains my favorite even to this day. This basic chocolate pound cake is made even richer with the addition of Coca-Cola and marshmallows. Both the cake and the icing include the Coca-Cola, which adds a sweet richness, and makes for a smooth finish. The confectioner’s sugar in the icing makes it thick, rich and spreadable. As with many desserts, adding chopped walnuts or pecans is optional for an added flavor.

When I was just a little girl, my PawPaw got me hooked on an acquired taste that I fear I share with very few: buttermilk. I have loved buttermilk since about my fifth sip or so (true, my first sip was met with a grimace of disgust at the tangy taste, but I took another sip, and then another, to make my PawPaw proud, and soon, I fell in love with the sweet, thick aftertaste as it lingered on my tongue), and have always enjoyed cooking with buttermilk, or simply eating down-home, Southern style foods with it, such as cornbread crumbled in buttermilk. Because of my love of buttermilk, I was excited when my momma first asked me if I wanted to help her bake a buttermilk pie, and of course I said yes. I remember helping mix the sugar, eggs, flour and buttermilk, amazed at how few ingredients were required to make such a delicious recipe. I remember how thick the mix was when we poured it into the pastry shells, and I wanted so badly to lick the bowl, but I did not want to ruin my first taste of buttermilk pie. I waited anxiously for the thirty-five minutes of cooking to pass, and then, of course, momma made me wait (albeit impatiently) for it to cool before she cut me a slice. If I had been expecting the tangy taste of the buttermilk to transfer to the pie, I was a little disappointed. The pie was thick and creamy, and sweet, almost rich. But the taste was amazing. I still cannot forget the taste of my first ever buttermilk pie. Although, not tangy but it tasted so good. Everyone who has ever tried it and asked me what this wonderful dessert is has been shocked to find out that buttermilk pie is just as sweet and delicious as any other family recipe, and many have even asked for a copy of the recipe themselves!

Cuppycakes Memories

How can I forget one of my other favorite cakes, the pineapple lollypop cake. Although it is my favorite but also the most difficult for me to make. However, watching my momma, I was always amazed at how perfectly the cake fell from the pan, the bottom now the top, the pineapple rings baked into the mix. Even now, as an adult, I find my momma’s ability to make a perfect cake slightly amazing, seeing as how mine tend to either fall or crumble, but in the end, they are still as delicious, and can even sometimes be made to serve as something other than a mere stand-alone desert. One of my favorite variations of the pineapple upside down cake is the pineapple lollipop cake. Skewer a piece of pineapple on a lollipop stick, dipping it in cake mix, filling each lollipop cake mold with mix with the skewered pineapple in the center. While the cake is baking, I like to whip up a tangy pineapple glaze from pureed pineapple, corn starch, lemon juice, sugar and water. Once the cake lollipops are completely baked, I dip them in the warm glaze, letting them sit as the glaze thickens. These are great for quick, on the road snacks with minimal mess, and I don’t have to worry about being embarrassed by a crumbled cake.

Marijuana Cupcakes Ingredients

And lastly, the how could I forget the first time I tried my friend Alexis’ signature Bob Marley style Cupcakes. You can probably imagine what they had inside! Surprise. 2 Cupcakes in and I could tell if I was listening to Chinese Assassin Reggae music or I was just imagining it.

Sweet Cuppycake Memories

These sumptuous and delicious sweet memories still make me crave for these cakes and whenever I get time, I rush to the kitchen to relive my childhood days.

Cupcake Decorating Techniques

A combination of different decorating techniques can alter the look of your cupcakes tremendously. It is all about selecting the product which works best for your requirement. The easiest of decorating techniques not only for cupcakes but also for other desserts involves using butter cream. This one can be manipulated very easily to churn up a myriad of designs that will enhance the delicious taste of your cupcakes. The problem with butter cream is that it has to be kept in low temperatures in order to hold up. It melts awfully fast.

Cupcake Decorating Techniques in Miami

To solve this problem, you can employ the use of royal icing or fondant. Royal icing is good but you have to get the right consistency in order for it to be easily manipulated. The same case applies when you are using fondant and gum paste to decorate your cupcakes. Nevertheless, once you have grasped the basics of using these two: royal icing and fondant, you will find it real easy to decorate your cup cakes.

If you follow my advice, your cupcakes will look soo good, people wont just want to eat them, they will want to have an affair with them! LOL

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Ideas To Decorate Your Cupcakes

Decorating cupcakes is one of the most interesting parts of the whole cooking process. Thanksfully, it is also easier than decorating a home. As fun as it may be, it is quite difficult and will require a certain level of creativity. While you wont need to have the funds needed to buy my house, you will need to come up with ideas on your own if you want to make a good impression. One simple idea uses creamy peanut butter and cream frosting. Simply mix about one-third cup of the peanut butter into the frosting. Frost your cupcakes and top with a teaspoon of raspberry jam and some chopped peanuts.

Decorating Cupcakes In Miami
For those who simple love chocolate dessert mix some 4ounces of melted and cooled semi sweet chocolate into cream frosting. Frost the cupcakes evenly and then sprinkle with malted milk balls and chopped store bought brownies.

Chocolate Cupcake In Miami

Floral cupcake décor can be quite difficult to make if you do not have the right instruments. However, you can try this simple sunflower cupcake. With cream frosting, evenly frost your cupcakes and then top with a chocolate, covered candy at center and several pieces of candy corn. The candy corn makes the petals of the sunflower’.

Sunflower Cupcake In Miami

There are so many ideas that you can come up with just from the three listed above.

Cupcake Events

Cupcakes Events In Miami

Before going any further into this post, let it be known that cupcakes can be used for all events. It does not matter whether you are hosting a high profile corporate event or it’s a slumber party with your old friends- cupcakes always come in handy. A reunion party will call for multiple dozens of cupcakes to be present. This is in place of those large cakes that call for serious knowledge in geometry in order to cut them for everyone to get an equal share. Cupcakes are very easy to distribute, which brings us to the next event, weddings.

Which law says that weddings cannot have cupcakes? All you need to do is create several cupcakes- a very simple affair it will be, then go ahead and decorate them using the wedding color themes. The decorating part might be the most exhausting one though.

Valentine’s Day, Mother’s and Father’s days, birthday parties, baby and bridal showers etc- all these events call for several cupcakes. The only thing that is necessary is to decorate the cakes appropriately and they will be the topic of discussion for quite some time.

My good friend Frank Lobett even ordered custom decorated cupcakes for his plumbing company’s 10 year anniversary using candy wrenches and pipes.